Kingsland Wildflowers is a Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) project committed to expanding natural habitat and green corridors for bird and wildlife populations. The vision, conceived through partnerships with local businesses, community voices and wildlife experts, will provide Greenpoint with living and growing infrastructure to support native New York City wildlife and educational programming focused on sustainable conservation practices and wildlife protection.


The 2018 season has begun!  

Check out our events page to find out what's in-store this year at Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof and Community Engagement Center



Kingsland Wildflowers, along with our partners from Newtown Creek Alliance, NYC Audubon, and the North Brooklyn Boat Club, are leading a series of pedaling and paddling tours around Newtown Creek this summer and fall. Once a vast tidal wetland, the Creek quickly became one of the busiest waterways in the county, leaving a significant legacy of environmental destruction and contamination, leading to the ultimate designation as a federal superfund. However, improvements are underway and the past 2 decades have seen improvements to water quality and with it a returning ecology where fish, crabs and a plethora of shorebirds now exist amongst the challenging conditions. RSVP is required; check out the details for each event here.

Field Day Fridays: Art + Nature Series - July 20 & August 17

Calling all artists and flower lovers! Join Newtown Creek Alliance and Kingsland Wildflowers for a three-part summer series celebrating native flowers and art and the exploration of where they meet. In June, July, and August, during the regular Field Day Friday events, enjoy a guided tour of what is blooming on the rooftop meadow and learn creative ways to get to know the plants. The meadow is thriving in an industrial setting and is truly a special place, boasting incredible views and surprising wildness and beauty. 

In July, botanical drawing with artist Gabriel Willow. At both of these events, we will show you how to press and preserve the plant you've been working with so you can return in August to learn how to start your own herbarium with NCA's own Lisa Bloodgood.

At each event, you will get up close and personal with the Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa or the beautiful Lemon Beebalm Monarda citriodora or any of the other important pollinators flowering, you will be well on your way to becoming an amateur botanist, and you will definitely have some beautiful artwork for your wall or to give as a gift.  



2018 marks the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the most powerful and important bird-protection law ever passed.
Over the last century, the law has saved millions of birds from depredatory human activities.  

Sadly the rate of extinctions appear to be ever-increasing, as a result of extensive habitat destruction, invasive species, window collisions, predatory cats, and pesticides.  As of 2017, over 1,300 bird species are under threat, and a total of 197 are critically endangered—on the brink of extinction.

Year of the Bird is 12 months of storytelling, science, and conservation aimed at heightening public awareness of birds and the importance of protecting these critical species.  Together we can champion causes for birds and work towards proven solutions.

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Projects & Progress

Learn about the construction process and the project timeline. 


Find out about the Kingsland Wildflowers project at 520 Kingsland Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 


Funding for Kingsland Wildflowers is provided to NYC Audubon by the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.