Construction has begun at 520 Kingsland Avenue. The total project encompasses 22,000+ square feet of green roof that will be completed over three years.

In July 2016, Phase 1 of construction was completed which included the waterproofing, protective layers, drainage layers and stone pathways.  In Phase 2 the pouring of soil by crane and plantings were completed for roofs A, D and F (referenced from the diagram below), offering a 10,000+ square foot wildflower meadow. Programming on the roof began early in the fall of 2016 and Greenpoint residents, wildlife and insects have access to a new green space in North Brooklyn.

In May 2017, Phase 3 of construction commenced on roof G adding an additional 11,800 square feet of green space. In August 2017, Phase 3 of construction on roof G was finalized.  This completes the proposed 22,000 SF of green roof of the initial scope of the project. 

In October 2018, Phase 4 of construction began on 3rd floor education garden and green roof. Completed in June 2019 with colonization plot for teaching and living wall feature for wildlife monitoring.


Installation of Roof A, D & F

A. Drainage and Soil

B. Pathways and Patios

After the soil was spread over both upper roofs, a crane operator lifted crates of blue stone to the roof. Brooklyn-based masons carefully shaped the stone into intricate pathways and patios designed for visitor use.   




InstallatioN of Roof G - 2nd Sedum Roof