The Kingsland Wildflowers project is the result of neighborhood partnerships between local businesses and community organizations committed to environmental sustainability and community development. 



The concept was envisioned early in 2015 when Marni Majorelle, owner and founder of Alive Structures green roofing company, saw an opportunity to create habitat for plant and wildlife alongside a community space encouraging conversation and education around New York City conservation efforts. The dream was to utilize existing warehouse infrastructure in Greenpoint to cultivate native grasses and wildflowers to support birds and insects in the neighborhood. With the help of wildlife experts at NYC Audubon Society and property owner, Broadway Stages, a proposal was submitted to the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) to transform the 520 Kingsland Avenue warehouse into such a green space.  

The Kingsland Wildflower roof will provide a green corridor of native grass and flower habitat for NYC’s bird and insect populations.
— Marni Majorelle, founder and owner of Alive Structures


  • April 1st, 2016 - Alive Structures and NYC Audubon aquire GCEF funding alongside matching funds from Broadway Stages
  • May 1st, 2016 - Construction begins of Phase 1, first 10,000 SF of roof.
  • August, 2016 - Planting and seeding begins.
  • September, 2016 - Kingsland Wildflowers Festival
  • June, 2017 - Construction begins on Phase 2, 11,800 SF of roof.
Tickseed in bloom.

Tickseed in bloom.